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Project management or collaboration software to use for your business

Working with people across the globe virtually is exciting and poses distinctive challenges – there are for sure ups and downs. Project Management software and other collaboration tools used are critical for our collaboration to be a success. I saw this infographic and loved it, so thought you would as well. Trying to make a…

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Reachable Risks

There are various levels of risks. I encourage you to take them on…especially take the ones I call – Reachable risks. Key word “reachable” – the mere fact that the goal or objective you’d like to achieve is within reach and obtainable signifies the success in the matter is closer than you think. Yes, maybe…

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Tonia Askins Publishing Seminars

5 Authors. 6 Months!!!

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Seminar Participant Love


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Freelancing 101

Contemplating Outsourcing? Start Here. The good, the bad and the ugly As an entrepreneur you will have various tasks – large and small that need to be completed by individuals other than yourself. Many times, due to your start up budget those individuals will be freelancers (independent contractors) that will help you get off the…

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Protected: Useful Links for Self-Publishers

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Quality Cover Design Matters

  The old saying,“don’t judge a book by its cover” is nice in theory, but in reality well all do it. The first impression the reader gets of your book is through your cover. If the cover of the book turns the reader off from reading it, that’s one less reader that will read your…

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New Market Opportunity for Self-Published Authors!!

I have been an avid promoter for self-published authors to distribute through Smashwords since the beginning of my self-publishing adventures and the latest news has me even more of a cheerleader of its Founder Mark Coker. The latest is that OverDrive is making room for Smashwords authors. On May 20, 2014, Smashwords announced an agreement…

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Plain Talk for Understanding your basic Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)

There are many reasons you would want to learn the basics of a P&L statement.  When seeking financial assistance from banks or investors it’s a staple within the documents you will supply for review.  I held a workshop and the participants loved and grasped this information. If your an aspiring entrepreneur or existing business owner…

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