Tonia Askins – Entrepreneur, Author and International Business Consultant, has serviced individuals, emerging entrepreneurs, existing small business owners and corporations for over fifteen years.  Her client list ranging from Fine Artists to Computer Application Developers is just as diverse as her experience.  Right from LSU Tonia’s management and executive career took-off, gaining industry experience within – mortgage finance, law, real estate and hospitality.  Tonia has also successfully managed and administered an international non-profits human resources department overseeing more than 100 employees, operating within – group benefits, employee relations, recruitment, and non-profit law. An entrepreneur at heart, she founded the US based firm, Tonia Askins International, offering consulting, coaching, executive, management and administrative business support services globally. Her other experience includes owning and managing a restaurant. Tonia is also the founder of Louisiana Love, a special events photography and entertainment coverage outreach which provides photography and articles for a national publisher as well as covers major events by request for arts, entertainment and humanitarian efforts within Louisiana. Most recently, Tonia has been honored with the opportunity to feature her work within The New Orleans International Arts Foundations newsletter. As an author, Tonia collaborated internationally to write her first self-published book, “You’ve Been Fired! Now What?” aimed to assist individuals discover options and opportunities through entrepreneurship despite economic conditions.  Her sophomore publication is a new eBook titled – “Self-Publishing Like A Pro”, in which she shares vital steps, tools, and best practices for breaking into self-publishing. She states “With self-publishing on the rise, it presents an abundant opportunity, both personally and professionally for many to share their expertise and stories with the world.” The latest addition to her publishing library is “8 Breakthrough Strategies for Virtual Assistants.”  With this book she plans to encourage and ignite creativity in highly motivated VA’s that desire to be more fulfilled in life and business. As a mother of 3 and wife for 15 years, she finds time to serve in various ways. Volunteering to non-profits and individuals through mentoring and coaching has provided some of her most rewarding efforts. She is a certified business mentor within the Score organization and provides seminars on entrepreneurship, business strategies and self-publishing. Truly, a no limits mind-set, diverse experience and passion for people are her main driving force. “I fuel people to do three things: be creative, sow and grow. Be Creative about how you go about achieving your goals, sow into purposeful projects that help others and grow by continually remaining a student of life.” For media or press kit request, send an email to .