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    If you are ready to work NOW and desire intensely focused sessions tailored just for YOU, choose this session. Equip yourself with someone who can assist you in boosting your business with “out of the box” thinking that will take you and your business to new heights.

    My professional coaching services provide keen direction and insightful inspection to improve your comprehensive awareness and development of opportunities.

    I am the second set of hands working and the other brain planning for the success of your business.

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    The 3 Month dual business and life coaching involves assessments, evaluations and industry growth planning to assist executives and small business owners get unstuck in various situations within life and business.

    I will coach you to impact YOUR life, not just improve your business.

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    Your Team is like the blood in the veins of Your business! Is it flowing?

    Does your team repeat unproductive cycles that are costing you money?  Do your business systems need improving?

    If you have answered, “yes” to either, call me today for an initial assessment to hear how I can improve your business. As a business owner you cannot afford to be left behind in this fast paced marketplace. Continuous adaptation and planning is necessary for any organization in whom desires longevity within any sector. Aligning yourself with someone who can be an objective partner focused on the success of your business with you is critical.

    A few key aspects I encourage business leaders and teams to do is embrace adaptability and transparency for better marketability to ensure that your company is open and ready to achieve its next level of success.

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The book "You've Been Fired! Now What?" is an excellent resource for those wanting to start or thinking about starting a business.

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ISBN: 978-0-9883890-0-7
EBOOK: 978-0-9883890-1-4
PRICE: USD $12.99 EBOOK: $9.99
PAGES: 132 SIZE: 5.25 X 8in


  • The way forward
  • 16 benefits of starting your own business
  • 16 advantages economic downturn present for start-ups
  • 33 proven principles for building a successful business
  • 40 researched businesses you can start Now
  • Essential systems for business success
  • Successful business examples
  • Progress with Right Connections

Paperback available via, and bookstores near you.

Ebook Download (Kindle, iTunes, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo):


"You've been fired! Now what?" enables you to creatively navigate through the transitioning process after being laid off or experiencing underemployment, by providing you with the necessary options to help you create a more secure and successful future. Whether you have completed high school or earned a doctorate, are a stay-at-home mom or dad, or professional on the go, neither unemployment nor entrepreneurship discriminates. Also included are proven principles, strategies, systems and 40 potential businesses you can start, part time or full time. For existing business owners, 33 proven principles, essential business systems, the business life cycle and other successful business examples will equip you to propel your business to the next level. It’s a timely, easy read, packed with key business essentials to succeed in today’s ever changing marketplace.

The authors, with 30 plus years of business ownership knowledge and diverse expertise from operating in two continents, are quick to point out that their engaging and highly readable book doesn't simply provide information. It gives readers motivation and the ability to walk through the process of the emotional elements of unemployment or business loss. “You’ve Been Fired! Now What?” Will help readers discover their opportunities while providing them a very realistic approach to entrepreneurship during such economic times. When the reader is done, they will be inspired to move forward and take advantage of some of the well-researched creative ideas listed within the book to start their own business.

Book Reviews “You’ve Been Fired! Now What?”

Melinda C. Sylvester, Owner of Tel-Mel Media & Publishing, LLC, Owner/Publisher of Faith & Soul News Magazine, Past President of Greater Southwest Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce

There is never an easy answer to someone's situation of unemployment, whether it is a termination or a lay off. There are plenty of conditions to evaluate, and there is not a quick fix to anything. However, solutions are reached with commitment, dedication, knowledge, hard work and consistent prayers. The content in this book encourages individuals to think and look forward. It is a great handbook for startup businesses. Encouraging and empowering. It urges to look for opportunities and receive blessings while unemployed. The material provides simple, basic and practical information that will change your outward position with your inward situation. Choices not circumstances, determine whether or not you succeed, is a quote from the book to remember daily. The Good Book reveals what the enemy has meant for bad, God will turn into good. Have faith, believe and move forward. --

Natasha Angelety, Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Reel Nola Magazine, Owner of Natasha Angelety Management and Executive Coordinator for The New Orleans Entrepreneur Expo

'You've Been Fired! Now What?' offers NO excuses for the aspiring entrepreneur. The economy, laziness, fear, and procrastination are all confronted with an in-depth How-to and more importantly, a WHY NOT approach. With the guidance and support in this book, you will be motivated to embark upon entrepreneurship with no hesitation!" –

Adeniyi Moses Adetola, Creative Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO – Divinity Media Ltd, Founder – Integrity Invoice Software,

After being laid off and conflicted between wanting to find another job and trying to start a business, buying a bunch of expensive books and attended lots of boring seminars, most people in this situation end up with a lot of disjointed information and notepads full of non-starter ideas and concepts. What they really needed was sound advice for turning the seemingly unfavourable situation into a realistic opportunity for success and a way out of the economic struggle. If you’re in this situation right now and about to throw in the towel, hold on!

You’ve Been Fired! Now What? Victor and Tonia have written an awe-inspiring book here. The insights in this book brought into sharp focus an awareness of the reality of this current economic situation and will challenge many people to think and act outside of their comfort zone. To believe that it is they, not a company or employer, is responsible to secure their own destiny.

"You’ve Been Fired" delves deeply into addressing the various stumbling blocks to acting and thinking outside the box and offers real, relevant, practical help and tools to address the reality of today's business challenges. Not just spouting the theoretical, this book presents real case studies; a vital source of inspiration for any start-up which will renew their hope of success and increase the determination for following through in the quest for real financial freedom. In addition to case studies you will find in depth, well researched information on 40 proven businesses, clearly and plainly presented.

I believe that after reading and following the tried and tested principles for business success steps and actions recommended in this book, you will feel absolutely inspired, motivated and confident that you can not only survive in this current economic downturn, but thrive and prosper. I recommend "You’ve Been Fired! Now What?" unreservedly to all budding entrepreneurs and even to the more experienced business owners who will find loads of fresh insight for managing businesses in this new age.

A Recommendation of the book: “You’ve Been Fired! Now What?”
By Rev. Develous A. Bright

Rev. Develous A. Bright is an Ordained Elder and Pastor of Ebenezer United Methodist Church, in Marshall, Texas and Mallalieu United Methodist Church in the same city.  He is also an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Wiley College.  He has been active in the clergy since for 12 years and has worked as a local church pastor, hospital chaplain and professor while serving in the ministry.  He came to the ministry from the world of business, having 20 years of experience a professional recruiter and entrepreneur.  An author, Rev. Bright is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Southern Methodist University where he already has earned the Master of Divinity degree. Himself a single father of two young girls, Rev. Bright is dedicated for creating life changing opportunities for the parents, children, relatives and neighbors of single parent households.

This book is a survival guide for how to thrive in today’s economy. As a local pastor in a small East Texas city, I see people who are affected by economic forces beyond their control. Very often sudden changes in employment can prove to be truly devastating to a household, especially when the only household income is cut off or severely reduced. The options that I hear are often very similar either find a new job or go back to school. These are both very good and important options to have and exercise. But this book seeks to do what the bible calls, “teaching a [person] to fish”. When people invest in creating their own businesses a community infrastructure is built upon an inexhaustible resource that can weather the ups and downs of the economy. “You’ve Been Fired! Now What?” lists the spirit of the reader from where she landed after an employment stumble and puts her feet firmly back on the track of a full recover as her own boss. 

This book is structured with motivating quotes from impressive sources and helpful lists of steps to take and resources to explore. The tone of this book is very positive and it is not at all not condescending. The suggestions in the book answer the questions that many people might have about starting a business during an economic downturn. The same principles will even be more effective during the time of an economic boom or at any time, really. Perhaps the most important part of the book speaks to realistic business expectations and behaviors for success. Very often unrealistic expectation will hide obvious successes and cause the entrepreneur to become discouraged and quite, just before the miracle.

In short, this book will stoke the fire in the belly of millions of prospective entrepreneurs. Your life, your family, your community, your church and your future will all thank you for reading this book from cover to cover and adopting the practices within. You may even take the ideas from this book, as I have, and used it as a resource for support groups in your church, neighborhood or family.

Leanne Grechulk
Founder of HeathlyGirl
Leadership and lifestyle expert

I just wanted to express truly how much I love your book! I love that you keep it simple, outline practical steps and love the section on re-connecting with your passion. There is such a positive tone and it is so solution based and I love it! Also love pages 19-23. Love that you include lots of options for people and help them to change their mindset into focusing on what’s next and what they can do! Hello entrepreneurship!!!

Francheska "Fancy" Felder
SwagHer Magazine

You’ve Been Fired, Now What happened to come into my life at the perfect time, because I was recently let go from my job due to my employers going out of business. It was a great straightforward but extremely motivational read! Aside from my previous day job, I have published a magazine for almost three years, and sometimes it can be discouraging. With each entrepreneur’s story my faith in myself and my business ideas grew. I am also going to try some of the home business ventures suggested in the book to build more streams of income. I not only recommend this book to those who may be unemployed and discouraged but also those who may be employed and unsatisfied. You never know how these tips and ideas can change your life.