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  • Business Set Up
  • Content Uploading Guidance
  • Perfect Bio Creation
  • Media Kit Creation Guidance
  • Marketing Assessment and Guidance

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What You Will Learn:

  • Platforms for self-publishers
  • Tools for organizing your writing
  • Royalty payments
  • Distributors for widest reach
  • Marketing strategies
  • Impacting your local market
  • Business Checklist
  • Dealing with Freelancers

Self-Publishing Like a Pro

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Work in Print

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Self-Publishing Like a Pro encourages you to start your book today! Start creating long term wealth! Increase your reach and influence! International Author, Business Consultant, and Speaker, Tonia Askins gives you everything you need to write, publish, market and sell your book.

Entrepreneurs, ministers, professionals, educators and speakers need to be writing.

Now you have a guide to get your work out to the world.
You'll learn:

  • How to offer valued content to your target audience
  • Innovative tools and platforms to support you during the writing process
  • Insights into creating your own strategic marketing and media plan
  • Who the key distributors are and why
  • How to hire freelancers at affordable rates for design, editing and formatting your book
  • Why I choose print-on-demand
  • Key strategies for long term success
  • Who to connect with to promote your book
  • How to work with contributors and collaborators
  • Foundational instructions for setting up you publishing company
  • How SEO relates to your book marketing
  • How to introduce your book to your local audience successfully
  • New ways authors are using technology to finish their books
  • What to include in a Media “Press” Kit
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2 Additional Bonus Items within the Book

  • Successful Business Checklist

  • Media and Marketing Strategies List

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