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The old saying,“don’t judge a book by its cover” is nice in theory, but in reality well all do it. The first impression the reader gets of your book is through your cover. If the cover of the book turns the reader off from reading it, that’s one less reader that will read your words.

 This is why you must have a high quality cover design before you publish any book!

As I will inform you in a consultation, hiring a cover designer does not have to be expensive. There are quality graphic designers that will create a professional cover for your ebook for as low as $50. They will also create a hardback cover for as low as $100. The most important thing to do when choosing a graphic artist is to check out their portfolio. Make sure their work is something you’re going to be completely satisfied with and that can accurately represent you book. Never go with a graphic designer sample unseen. There’s no telling what you’ll final product might look like. Your cover is absolutely vital to the sales of your books so, make them all shine!


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