Timing and Voice

I’m titling this first post ‘Timing and Voice’ because I have purposefully put off starting a blog until I felt the flow and timing was right. Well now is the time – I want to enjoy this journey and seek to share short audio and blog tidbits of : hot opportunities, trending industry info and inspirations for business & life.

Many of my resolute ideals and motivation have been acquired by learning from others who have gone before me, paving the way of experience with dedication and courage.

There are countless '3 I's' - impressive, individuals that inspire me to be my best and I will use this blog to share and shine the light on them and the lessons I have acquired with the sincere hope that they inspire, motivate and inform you as well.

One of my ultimate goals everyday is to remain at peace in the midst of the processes of life and business. So here we go, thanks for starting this walk with me. I welcome feedback and if there is a particular topic that you would like to read about feel free to email me at tonia@toniaaskins.com. Remain in peace and in your flow.

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